observIQ Cloud Log Management Platform Cumulative Release Notes – 8.6.2021 – Extended Retention

by Paul S on August 7, 2021

This week we are excited to announce a new extended retention feature, included in all plans, that allows you to automatically compress and archive all of your logs directly to your AWS account. We’ve also made improvements to sign up and set up, UI, installation and uninstallation, and account management.




  • Extended Retention
    • Archive logs automatically to an AWS S3 Bucket
      • Connect AWS S3 bucket with account ID and secret access key
      • Logs compressed and archived every hour
      • Included in all plans
    • See archive list directly in observIQ
      • Clicking an archive opens file location in AWS
    • observIQ automatically detects invalid or inaccurate AWS credentials
      • Any failed archiving attempts will retry when new credentials are entered




  • Documentation
    • Changed documentation on Windows, Linux, and MacOS installation process to be more streamlined
    • Added docs for Kubernetes and OpenShift




  • Sign In and Set Up
    • New users have the option to go straight to setup before confirming their email
  • Fleet
    • Improved install/uninstall scripts
  • Live Tail
    • Added support for wildcard queries




  • Sign up/Set up
    • Fixed issue where users would see an error message after accepting an invite to create an observIQ account even though the account was created successfully

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