observIQ Cloud Log Management Platform Cumulative Release Notes – 10.1.2021

by Paul S on October 1, 2021

Lots of big changes are coming your way, but our favorite is arm support. Arm is a powerful architecture that is taking over in the form of raspberry pi and arm-based kubernetes. observIQ is the first cloud observability platform to natively support log management for arm-based environments.


  • Arm-based support
    • observIQ’s log agent now supports arm-based platforms and networks, such as raspberry pi, and kubernetes arm environments.
  • Single click agent upgrade
    • observIQ is constantly improving our agent. Now, when an update is available, a single-click update button appears on any available sources in observIQ.
  • Live Tail 
    • Added collapsable log lines with full information
    • Click the carrot on the left of a log line during a live tail session to see everything included in the log


  • Daily limit notifications for free tier
    • Automatic email notification if 3GB daily limit is reached by free tier users
  • Live Tail sessions start automatically
    • When navigating from Explore or Fleet, Live Tail sessions will play as soon as the page loads
  • UI Changes
    • Clearer install process
    • Navigation breadcrumbs
  • Batch Analytics Export
    • Group and export saved analytics dashboards easily in observIQ


  • Sources automatically installed for MacOS and Windows
    • MacOS agent will automatically install and set up a journald source in observIQ
    • Windows agent will automatically install and set up a Windows Event source in observIQ
  • More preset dashboards
    • We continue to add useful, preset dashboards for users to analyze log data
  • Extended retention support for S3 endpoints other than AWS
    • We will continue adding support for more S3 endpoints
  • In-depth guides for first agent installation
    • It’s not hard, but now it’s even easier with in-depth guides


  • Agent
    • Fixes to smooth automatic updates
    • Fixes to fringe cases where log severity was labeled incorrectly
    • Fixed issue where journald sources appeared frozen after several weeks of high volume use


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