observIQ Log Management Cloud Platform Cumulative Release Notes – 7.23.2021 – Smooth Logging

by Paul S on July 26, 2021

Everything is running smoothly at observIQ this week. This update comes with some valuable quality of life improvements to the platform, a new Dashboard plugin, and improvements to set up, Alerts, and Live Tail.




  • Dashboards
    • Added Netflow plugin
  • Alerts
    • Added feature to disable notification expiration timer




  • Sign In and Set Up
    • New Customer plans will automatically freeze after trial expiration, rather than accumulate logs and invoices
      • Plans can still be chosen before expiration, or picked up any time after
      • Free plan is still 100% free
  • Kubernetes
    • Events source now omits log lines from expired events




  • Sign In and Set Up
    • Optimized backend processes so account creation and initial setup is even faster
    • Improved verification email
      • Additional information
      • Automatic light/dark theme
      • Added backup link in case verification fails
  • Live Tail
    • Exceeding throughput limit no longer stops data stream
    • Updated ‘Sources’ filter to include all valid sources
  • Alerts
    • Custom Alerts setup fields are automatically populated with relevant settings
      • Settings can still be fully customized




  • Live Tail
    • Fixed issue where Live Tail ‘Type’ filter would not narrow displayed results
  • Alerts
    • Fixed issue where some Alerts would not include relevant log lines attached

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