observIQ Log Management Cloud Platform Cumulative Release Notes – 7.9.2021 – Let’s Get Automated!

by Paul S on July 12, 2021

We’re excited to announce some big releases, including lower pricing, automated deployments, programmable alerts, easier sign up, and valuable changes to Live Tail.


  • Automated Deployment with Ansible
    • Simple ‘configuration as code’ solution
    • Automatically deploy observeIQ Cloud agents across any/all Linux hosts
    • Deploy custom templates with simple Template ID’s
    • Store deployment code in Git to version deployments
  • Alerts
    • Added fully programmable alerts under  Advanced Options when creating an alert


  • Reduced Pricing
    • Billing period minimum charges reduced to $5, $10, or $50 depending on retention tier
      • Prices per GB remain $0.75, $1.00, and $1.50 respectively
    • Existing paid accounts will automatically move to reduced minimum pricing at the start of their next billing period
  • Sign Up
    • Confirmation emails now redirect users to setup page rather than back to login
      • For security, this feature only works on machines that already have login credentials, otherwise email redirect goes to login page


  • Live Tail
    • General improvements for higher efficiency and responsiveness
    • Added more detailed messages in Live Tail stream
      • Clearer messages for start/stop and messages to indicate that Live Tail is running even if no tracked events are occurring
    • Live Tail will remain active even if no events occur for a long period of time
  • Sign Up
    • New message and animation indicates when an account is being created
  • Archives
    • Optimization improvements to archive log files
    • Automatically remove duplicate logs


  • Live Tail
    • Fixed issue where new searches would briefly display results from previous searches
    • Fixed issue with delayed response from Start button after stopping Live Tail
  • Sign Up
    • Fixed issue where new users invited to existing accounts were not receiving proper invite information
    • Fixed issue where duplicate company profiles could be created at sign up


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