observIQ Log Management Cloud Platform Cumulative Release Notes – 6.25.2021

by Paul S on July 7, 2021

This week at observIQ, we are excited to release new alerts customizations, support for new sources, improved setup UI, install/uninstall guides, and the official launch of a powerful new feature for real time event and log tracking – Live Tail.


  • Live Tail
    • Monitor logs across all deployments in real time
    • Search for specific events or key phrases to filter logs as they occur
    • Start/stop event log at will
    • Record/save event streams
    • And much more!
  • Alerts
    • Alerts can now send relevant log lines along with alert notifications
  • Sources
    • Added source: MacOS
    • Added source: uWSGI
    • Added source: Ubiquiti
    • Added source: Netflow/sflow
    • Added Source: CodeIgniter
    • Added Source: Apache Common
    • Added Source: Apache Combined


  • Plugins
    • Openshift plugin: metadata is now optional
  • Sign Up
    • No telephone number required


  • Setup
    • Improved UI and guidance through setup process
    • Added source deployment guide
    • Added uninstallation guide for removing agents
  • Billing
    • Simplified billing and account preferences interface
    • Visual confirmation of payment processing through Stripe (before payment confirmation)
  • General efficiency improvements


  • Search
    • Fixed issue where time picker would disappear while using search field
    • Fixed issue where ‘filter out’ search option would not add filter to the search bar
  • Windows
    • Fixed issue where Windows agents could not properly sync with local timezone

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