Uninstall BindPlane OP Server



When BindPlane OP is managed by Helm, it can be uninstalled with the helm uninstall command.

This example assumes that BindPlane was deployed with Helm using the application name "bindplane".

1helm uninstall "bindplane"


BindPlane can be cleaned up manually with the following commands. These commands assume the following:

  • BindPlane was deployed to the bindplane namespace.
  • BindPlane resources are named bindplane
    • You can do kubectl -n bindplane get all to view the resource names.
1kubectl -n bindplane delete sts bindplane
2kubectl -n bindplane delete svc bindplane

If Ingress was enabled:

1kubectl -n bindplane delete ing bindplane

If auto-scaling was enabled:

1kubectl -n bindplane delete hpa bindplane

Clean up

Once BindPlane is uninstalled, make sure to clean up any dangling persistent volume claims. Depending on your storage class configuration, volumes may be preserved when the associated volume claim template has been deleted (as part of the StatefulSet deletion).

You can view existing volume claims in the namespace:

1kubectl -n bindplane get pvc

If you wish to delete the volume claims (and the associated persistent volume):

1kubectl -n bindplane delete pvc <pvc name>