Monitor Kubernetes Logs in observIQ

Comprehensive Logs Monitoring for your Kubernetes containers

Use observIQ Cloud to integrate and bring full-stack visibility to your IT infrastructure. Monitor and analyze the health and performance servers and applications with observIQ’s powerful and fully configurable log monitoring. The observIQ solution also come with a full library of pre-built log plugins to support your most critical applications.

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Why observIQ for...

Kubernetes Logs

Easy to launch

Start collecting data from your first source within minutes with simplified configuration.

Easy to maintain

Increase team productivity by spending less time administering, and more time investigating with streamlined remote management (or agent lifecycle management capabilities).

Better performance

The observIQ log agent’s performance and stability keep critical signals flowing through any system load.

Key Benefits of Kubernetes logs capabilities with observIQ Cloud

Fast and Simple Out of the Box Setup
With a quick initial setup for log collection from common infrastructure technologies such as databases, virtualization, and operating systems, observIQ makes it easy to get started. A full library of pre-built integrations for popular applications simplify and automate setup and launch!
Log Agent Performance
The observIQ open source log agent was architected from the ground up with performance in mind. Written in Go and optimized for low resource usage and high throughput, using 10x less CPU and Memory than LogStash or FluentID. Our agent joins the configurability and customizability you expect from FluentD or LogStash with best in class performance.

50+ operational logs data sources in a single, self-maintaining connection, including:

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observIQ Support

For support on observIQ Cloud, please contact:

For the Open Source Log Agent, community-based support is available on our:

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