Release Notes


observIQ Cloud Log Management Platform

observIQ is busy making simple log management even simpler. We’ve updated our onboarding process to make it easier to install your first agent and get started. We’ve added new Cisco source support, and released a new agent version. Other quality of life improvements include performance enhancements, compact formatting for log data, more filter options in Live Tail, and updated icons.


  • New Agent Setup Onboarding Process
    • Simplified, guided agent installation process for new accounts to get started
  • New Sources
    • Added support for Cisco Catalyst
    • Added Support for Cisco Meraki
  • New Agent Version
    • New Agent version released – update directly in observIQ by clicking the “update” button on the Fleet page


  • Compact Date Formatting
    • Changed the way dates appear in the platform to use significantly less space
  • Updated Icons
    • Updated icons across the platform
      • HAProxy
      • Sonicwall
      • TCP
      • UDP
  • Live Tail
    • Even more filter options
    • Add filters based on specific logs by selecting them in the stream
    • Performance improvements


  • New Dashboards
    • Cisco Catalyst Dashboard
    • Cisco Meraki Dashboard
    • Rails Dashboard
    • uWSGI Dashboard
    • Updated Syslog Dashboard
  • Syslog Improvements
    • Overall quality of life improvements for Syslog monitoring
  • Improved Error Logging
    • More detail available in expanded logs
  • Dynamic Filter Support
    • Added dynamic filters to all sources


  • Windows Events
    • Fixed issue logging Windows Events