Release Notes


Stanza Introductory Release Notes

This is the first release notes for the Stanza logging agent. It’s more like an overview than traditional release notes. Moving forward, release notes will cover significant changes, fixes, and improvements on a regular basis.

What is Stanza

  • Full stack logging agent 
    • Single-line installation on all major platforms. 
    • Simple and versatile configuration
    • Over 50 integrations
      • More released every month
    • Outperforms competing agents in both resource usage and log detail 
  • Developed by observIQ
    • First released in 2020
    • Logging agent for OpenTelemetry project


  • Single Line installation for Linux, MacOS, Windows
  • Kubernetes installation and configuration


  • Simple configuration through .yaml file
    • Default configurations for stdout, File, and Google Cloud
    • Output format and destination of your choice easily configurable