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5 Key Considerations When Choosing a Log Management Solution

by Deepa Ramachandra on July 26, 2021

Cost   Purchase decisions often begin with a price check. Log management is no different. Evaluate your budget and narrow down the options that fit to choose the tool that gives you the most for what you pay. As always, cheaper is better as long as the platform doesn’t cut any corners. But with log […]

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observIQ Log Management Cloud Platform Cumulative Release Notes – 7.23.2021 – Smooth Logging

by Paul Stefanski on July 26, 2021

Everything is running smoothly at observIQ this week. This update comes with some valuable quality of life improvements to the platform, a new Dashboard plugin, and improvements to set up, Alerts, and Live Tail.   Features   Dashboards Added Netflow plugin Alerts Added feature to disable notification expiration timer   Changes   Sign In and […]

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Finding Unexpected Development Solutions Through Log Management

by Paul Stefanski on July 20, 2021

This is a personal story from before I worked at observIQ. I am not a technical person in any professional sense. I have no direct training and my coding experience is limited to front-end web design and some indie game development. Before observIQ, all I knew about log management was that it has something to […]

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Between setting up and managing the environment, deploying and managing agents, and configuring sources and visualizations, most log management platforms are far too complicated.


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observIQ Open Source Log Agent is a high-performance, highly configurable log monitoring agent with all the…



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