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How to Collect and Visualize Windows Events From 5 Hosts in 5 Minutes

by Joe Howell on April 14, 2021

Overview If you’re investigating incidents on your Windows hosts, sifting through the Event Viewer can be a painful experience. It’s best to collect and ship Windows Events to a separate backend for easier visualization and analysis – but depending on the solution you choose, this can take some significant legwork. Often, this can require manually […]

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Kubernetes Logging Simplified – Pt 2: Kubernetes Events

by Joe Howell on April 5, 2021

Overview In my first post in the Kubernetes Logging Simplified blog series, I touched on some of the ‘need to know’ concepts and architectures to effectively manage your application logs in Kubernetes – providing steps on how to implement a Cluster-level logging solution to debug and analyze your application workloads. In my second post, I’m […]

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Monitoring Windows Event Logs – Getting Started

by Jamie Gruener on March 18, 2021

Introduction Windows event logs are important for security, troubleshooting, and compliance. When you analyze your logs, you can monitor and report on file access, network connections, unauthorized activity, error messages, and unusual network and system behavior. However, Windows servers produce tens of thousands of log entries every day. The sheer volume of data is almost […]

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