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The Illusive World of Monitoring for Legacy Systems

by Paul Stefanski on November 23, 2021

In the tech industry, we obsess over the latest and greatest. When it comes to observability, we’re always looking at the most advanced hardware, the enthusiasts’ favorite systems, and the tech venture capital trends to get an idea of what to build for next. observIQ is no exception. We watched as ARM architecture went from […]

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How to set up Stanza as the log agent for your GCP?

by Deepa Ramachandra on November 12, 2021

Stanza is a robust log agent. GCP users can use Stanza for ingesting large volumes of log data. Before we dive into the configuration steps, here’s a matrix detailing the functional differences between all the common log agents used by GCP users. Stanza was built as a modernized version of FluentD, Fluentbit, and Logstash. GCP […]

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What’s Wrong With Observability Pricing?

by Paul Stefanski on November 9, 2021

Observability Pricing: Bargain or Rip-off?   There’s something wrong with the pricing of observability services. Not just because it costs a lot – it certainly does – but also because it’s almost impossible to discern, in many cases, exactly how the costs are calculated. The service itself, the number of users, the number of sources, […]

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Between setting up and managing the environment, deploying and managing agents, and configuring sources and visualizations, most log management platforms are far too complicated.


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observIQ Open Source Log Agent is a high-performance, highly configurable log monitoring agent with all the…



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