BindPlane Observability Pipeline, our next evolution.

You asked for an open source observability pipeline that you could deploy behind your firewall, we listened.

We have two great versions of BindPlane. The original BindPlane was released in 2018 as a SaaS platform to manage observability data. Our new product, BindPlane OP, is the first open source observability pipeline built for OpenTelemetry. It incorporates all the lessons we’ve learned along the way and enables our customers to take control of their telemetry data like never before.

Which version of BindPlane is best for you?


Open Source
OpenTelemetry Support
Supported Integrations5050 and growing
Supported DestinationsGoogle Cloud8 and counting
HostingSaaSSelf Hosted (Deployed behind your firewall)
Data Flow Control
Telemetry SignalsMetricsMetrics, Logs, Traces
Multi-node Aggregation
Agent Lifecycle Management
Guided Configuration
Custom Configuration

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