The Problem

Hybrid cloud environments can provide exceptional benefits to enterprises. But with newer applications residing across various clouds and legacy applications residing on-premises in data centers or field locations, retaining a legacy on-premises log solution can be costly due to increasing storage needs and necessary specialized administration and deployment.

When different log aggregation tools are used for their different functionalities or after cloud transformation and migration, it can make root cause analysis more difficult and time-consuming. Many struggle to find a single, cost-effective log collection tool that can aggregate all logs in a single location for analysis.

The Solution

Efficiently, automatically aggregate logs from hybrid-cloud environments, containerized environments and microservice architectures into one log platform at scale. With observIQ, you can collect all of your logs – wherever they live – via a reliable, secure and cost-effective method that does not require specialized personnel to deploy and operate.

Flexible Log Aggregation

Why observIQ?

We help lower the total cost of ownership and mean time to value by making it as fast as possible for you to collect logs across multiple data centers, services and clouds. We have a robust API for integrations outside of log agents, and can help solve for common technologies like Windows events, databases and Kubernetes.

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