Powerful Log Management That Deploys in Minutes

observIQ is the centralized log management platform trusted by agile teams to deliver actionable insights at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle.

Rich Features, Simple Interface

With observIQ Cloud, there are no trade-offs between power, price and simplicity. Every feature is included in every plan, even the free plan.

Screenshot of the observIQ interface.


All of your agents and sources in one place. Simple.

observIQ supports over 60 sources with automatic, templatized installation. Customize and scale to suit your needs, and manage everything in one place.

Screenshot of the observIQ interface.


What you need to know, when you need to know it.

Automated alerts notify you of any critical issues. Sync alerts to email, Slack, and more, keeping you informed so you can focus on what matters.

Live Tail

Every single log. Visually ingested in real time.

Powerful real time functionality that’s easy to use. Filter the Live Tail feed with sources, agents, types, and even keywords to see the most important logs in real time.

The observIQ and OpenTelmetry logos.

observIQ Helps OpenTelemetry to Set the Standards in Observability

observIQ has contributed the Stanza logging agent to the OpenTelemetry project to help deliver centralized, industry-leading standards for Logs, Metrics, and Traces directly to users.

Dozens of Integrations Available

A collection of logos that have integrations for observIQ cloud. These include: Microsoft SQL server, PostgreSQL, hadoop, Apache Kafka, Aerospike, Cicso, JBoss, Apache HTTP Server, Cisco Meraki, Apache Zookeeper, Gitlab, APache HBase, IBM DB2, Couchbase, Oracle, Mircosoft IIS, mongoDB, NGiNX, MySQL, Openshift, RabbitMQ, vmware, Microsoft active directory, windows DHCP, Windows Event log, SAP HANA, redis, syslog, cassandra

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