Use Cases

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BindPlane for Enterprise-Wide Observability

BindPlane crosses over from simple visibility to deep insight with complex multi-cloud applications on GCP. Current trend challenges such as microservices-based architecture and a fast paced, continuous integration and delivery pipeline place more emphasis on observability beyond collecting data about the application state. Listed below are some features of BindPlane that makes BindPlane the default choice for enterprise-wide observability:

Use Case-Based Optimization:

BindPlane factors collecting metrics from loosely coupled dynamic environments. It optimizes the application and infrastructure in its entirety, mapping and contextualizing the interactions among all sources that exist in the environment. 

Flawless Contextualization:

BindPlane transforms the data into legible contextualized information helping teams read and understand the metrics without second guessing the context. 

Multi-format Data Ingestion:

Irrespective of the type of source or the data format in which the metrics are rendered by the source, BindPlane is able to transform them to the JSON format without changing the context, also handling the enrichment configurations set up by the user. 

CI/CD Pipeline:

BindPlane helps manage the observability across the pipeline. Observability begins at the outset, from the CI/CD pipeline and it continues through to deployment. This helps optimize the system’s behavior for possible failures and pitfalls.

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