Use Cases

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Google Cloud Operations for SRE

Businesses aim to provide their customers with consistent performance and lasting reliability with their applications. SREs set reliability and performance targets such as SLO, SLI and SLA to meet the expected consistency and reliability. A growing application is constantly supplemented with new features and functionalities. With BindPlane’s powerful metric collectors, your SRE team is able to upgrade systems and deploy features, creating a balance between system stability and application improvement. BindPlane sends the metrics to Google Cloud Monitoring, which comes powered with intuitive dashboards, so SREs can generate key metric visualizations to collaborate with the development team and other stakeholders.

Metrics to foretell consequences of SLOs

SRE’s managing complex applications gain insights into the count-based data streams and classify good and bad events. The difference in the good and bad events is used to derive the Service Level Indicator (SLI). With BindPlane’s SLO related metrics, businesses can set SLO targets, setting threshold values at the Dashboard level to see SLO breach indicators. 

Metrics to regulate workloads 

Applications in a multi-cloud environment, or a microservices based architecture, are expected to process varying levels of workloads. These workloads could range anywhere from short queries, to complex queries, to batch processes in sophisticated data mining applications. The SRE expects to create a cohesive workflow to handle this workload concurrently, without compromising on application performance. 

Modern databases are often required to process many different kinds of workloads, ranging from short/tactical queries, to medium complexity. BindPlane collects the metrics related to workload regulation, helping SREs make informed decisions. In case of GKE clusters, SREs have the ability to tune the metrics exposed by the cluster to custom select the metrics in the metrics collection pipeline. 

Metrics to tune the optimal SLI for a great customer experience

BindPlane allows users to select the appropriate metrics to effectively handle system performance management. With BindPlane, users have the ability to collect the most critical indicators, while eliminating redundancy and distraction. System performance indicators such as availability, latency, throughput and error rate give SREs a fair indication of the SLI durability, that measure the system’s ability to render a great customer experience over a foreseeable period. 

Metrics to monitor the health of critical systems:

BindPlane provides critical application stability related metrics such as application failures, cold start sessions, low memory warnings, low power mode sessions, and “app not responding” errors. Application’s health is also gauged by the time taken by the user to traverse the various features of the application and complete critical application flows. BindPlane helps users get metrics related to application startup time, user access attempts, etc. SREs spend a lot of time on metrics related to application health because a failure in any critical application flow could result in losing users. 

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