Use Cases

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Extend and Scale Google Cloud Monitoring Capabilities

A vast majority of businesses are moving their application infrastructure and monitoring to a public cloud solution, namely Google Cloud. Managing applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in unison with BindPlane provides much needed agility for continuous delivery of features and services. This agility extends to data mobility between multi-cloud and hybrid environments. We are listing out some of the advantages of using BindPlane on GCP to effectively manage enterprise workloads.


Monitoring enterprise workloads can be a challenging endeavor, BindPlane simplifies this with single point management. If your business is looking for a Web UI  based monitoring solution or embarking on a headless observability mode, BindPlane covers it all. BindPlane’s architecture delivers the advantage of having the right checks and balances in place to ensure that all the logs and metrics are captured and headed to Google Cloud Monitoring for management. Unlike other monitoring solutions in the market, BindPlane is a lightweight collector in a public hosted enterprise infrastructure.

High Availability

In enterprise workload management having uninterrupted logs and metrics collection and forwarding is critical. BindPlane comes powered with an automated failure management solution to handle outages and system failures to re-synchronize and remediate without losing any critical metrics or logs. 

Holistic View of Logs and Metrics

The logs from Stanza and the metrics from BindPlane work together, all data is transformed into uniform metrics. This serves as a baseline for alerting and trend analysis from Google cloud monitoring. Every member of the team has a unified view of the logs and metrics data, the correlation between this data is transformed into intuitive dashboards. 

Managing Solution for Stacks Outside of the GCP 

As the monitoring partner for GCP, BindPlane extends the scope of stacks managed in GCP via integrations. The metrics that BindPlane collects from the integrated sources are forwarded to Google Cloud Monitoring for unified view and collated management. With the ever growing list of integrations, BindPlane fills the gaps in monitoring critical application workloads that are not running on GCP, such as MS SQL, SAP, MongoDB, etc.

If you would like to learn more about BindPlane, Stanza or any of observIQ’s offerings, please reach out to We would be happy to support you as you evaluate if our solutions are the right fit for your organization and requirements.