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Flexible Log Agent Configuration with Stanza

Stanza is a lightweight and  highly configurable Log agent. By default, Stanza ships logs as they are written. Additional tags, metadata, and filters can make a world of a difference in the log’s usage. That’s where Stanza sets itself a class apart. Stanza’s robust architecture offers the right malleability for users to tweak, enrich, route, and parse logs just the way they want. Detailed below are flexible configurations that  Stanza users often find useful:

1. Plugins:

Stanza offers over 50 plug-ins that allow you to easily configure and ship logs from common technologies. If you need, reach out to our tech savvy support team to get the configurations you need.

2. Adding Tags:

Tagging logs with useful information can help teams search and find logs easily. Stanza’s “Add operator” facilitates tagging in the most simple fashion. The “Add operator adds a value to a logs entry’s record, labels, or resource. Users can either tag entries with strings or expressions.

Example configuration: add an object to the record
- type: add
 field: key2
   nestedkey: nestedvalue

3. Routing to Multiple Destinations:

Stanza offers the ability to send logs to different destinations. Stanza’s routing works on forwarding logs of certain types, such as JSON, to a specified destination, while the rest are either written to file or sent to an alternate destination. A list of routes are configured for the operator, where each route has an associated expression. An entry sent to the router operator is forwarded to the first route in the list whose associated expression returns true. An entry that does not match any of the routes is dropped and not processed further.

Example configuration: forward entries to different parsers based on content
- type: router
    - output: my_json_parser
      expr: '$.format == "json"'
    - output: my_syslog_parser
      expr: '$.format == "syslog"'

4. Filtering Logs:

Stanza offers users the ability to filter out some messages from being logged. This is very useful for checks to ensure that confidential data such as credit card numbers, passwords, etc. are never included in a log message. The filter operator filters incoming entries that match an expression.

5. Platform Agnostic:

Stanza is installable on any platform. Users can find the single line installation command for platforms such as Linux, Mac OS, Windows. Docker, Kubernetes. AWS, Azure, etc.

Please refer to Stanza’s documentation for a complete list of functionality and configuration operations. The configuration snippets included here should give you a look into the robust and simple configuration options available to you. 

If you would like more information or assistance implementing Stanza, please send an email to