Kubernetes Logging Simplified

This webinar was presented on:
March 30, 2021 11:00 am EST

Duration: 45 minutes


Mike Kelly


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In this webinar, Mike Kelly, CTO and co-founder of observIQ will provide an introduction to logging in Kubernetes, taking participants through the need-to-know concepts and architecture considerations, as well some recommended best practices to simplify and optimize cluster-wide logging for your containerized workloads.

Additionally, Mike will provide a guided tour of the observIQ’s Kubernetes monitoring capabilities, demonstrating the end-to-deployment process in minutes, with real-world examples of how to visualize, investigate and debug common incidents for their containerized applications using pre-built dashboards and auto-discovered metadata.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Need-to-know Kubernetes logging concepts and standard logging architectures
  • How to deploy observIQ to your Kubernetes cluster in minutes, utilizing observIQ Templates
  • How to gather application, system, and cluster events with simple, guided configuration – picking and choosing only the logs you care about
  • How to utilize pre-built dashboards and metadata to diagnose and investigate issues
  • How to utilize and enable deep parsing and enrichment for applications running on Kubernetes, like NGINX using observIQ Sources
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