About observIQ

The Future of Telemetry
is Open Source

At observIQ, we develop fast, powerful, and intuitive next-generation observability technologies for DevOps and ITOps – built by engineers for engineers. We believe the future of observability is open source.

Experienced in DevOps

200+ metric and log integrations monitoring cloud, hybrid cloud, on-prem infrastructure, DevOps and enterprise applications.

Trusted by Cloud Leaders

Partnerships with cloud leaders and observability platforms, including Google, IBM, Oracle, VMware and more.

Enterprise Grade

Our SaaS data pipeline and log management solutions meet the performance and usability needs of the largest enterprises in the world.


observIQ Core Initiatives

The first open source observability pipeline and agent management system built for OpenTelemetry. Any source to any backend. Self-hosted. No Vendor lock-in.

The full service SaaS observability platform by observIQ. Deliver relationship-aware metrics and logs in real time.

The logo for Google Cloud

Delivering metrics and logs in real time into Google Cloud Operations, including streaming over 200 new technologies.

The logo for Open Telemetry

observIQ contributes to the OpenTelemetry project – helping redefine and centralize standards for Logs, Metrics, and Traces.

We’re Growing!

observIQ is searching for passionate and motivated architects, engineers, and more to join our team of IT wizards in the journey change the world of log management and observability.