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Simplified Telemetry.
Industry-leading Observability.

observIQ and Google have partnered to provide Google customers with access to BindPlane OP, an industry leading observability pipeline to collect and ship telemetry to Google Cloud Operations.


A Unified Telemetry Platform

The highly performant BindPlane Agent, an orchestration layer for fleet management, and a complete Observability Pipeline combine to form a Unified Telemetry Solution for GCO users.

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  • Orchestration layer

    Full visibility into your entire fleet of BindPlane Agents.

  • Accelerate migrations

    BindPlane OP makes migrating to Google Cloud a breeze.

  • Data routing

    Ship your logs, metrics, and traces to any Google service.

  • Free support

    BindPlane for Google includes free support from observIQ.

Data channeling

BindPlane OP for Google

BindPlane OP provides Google customers with a unified solution for shipping telemetry from on-prem and hybrid cloud workloads to Google Cloud Operations.

Optimize observability

Elevate Observability
with BindPlane OP Enterprise

Achieve cost-efficient and flexible telemetry management with BindPlane OP Enterprise, empowering you to streamline data routing and optimize storage.

Reduce telemetry costs

Fully transform your telemetry and dramatically reduce observability costs. Remove duplicate logs or convert logs to metrics and watch your log volume drop in real-time.

Route data to any destination

Ship compliance data to low cost storage, or migrate between platforms with ease, BPOP Enterprise lets you instrument once and send anywhere.


BindPlane Agent

The BindPlane Agent for OpenTelemetry is a distribution of the OpenTelemetry Collector supported and maintained by observIQ. It’s highly performant, supports all of your signals, and is fully managed by BindPlane OP.

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