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We love OTel so much, we're building it.

As a Top 10 contributor to OpenTelemetry, we believe in its future from the start. We love it and want you to love it too.

  • OpenTelemetry Logging

    observIQ donated Stanza in 2020, which became the OTel Collector's core logging library by 2023.

  • Integration Expansion

    observIQ enhanced 40+ technologies including Azure, CloudFlare, NGINX, Windows Events, and more.

  • Remote Collector Oversight

    observIQ co-designed OpAMP, facilitating remote management of the OTel collector.

  • Advancing Connectors

    Advanced OpenTelemetry collector component for routing pipelines with configurable settings.


Enterprise Support for Enterprise Challenges.

Don't tackle your challenges on your own. observiQ's best-in-class support helps you become the hero and let's your focus on other priorities.

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There's nobody on the planet that matches observIQ when it comes to OTel.
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More than a Helping Hand

Discover the Power of OpenTelemetry for Enterprises

Access observiQ's OpenTelemetry experts to streamline your telemetry with 24/7 support. We help with installation, configuration, and deployment to build robust telemetry pipelines and unlock unprecedented observability.

  • 24/7 Expert Support

    Get help from our OpenTelemetry experts on demand.

  • Individualized Solutions

    Personalized help for technical and non-technical issues.

  • Instant Fixes

    Solutions provided 99% of the time on the same day.

  • API/SDKs

    Customization for any API/SDK in a stable state.

  • Collectors

    Configure, monitor with BindPlane Agent, detect non-Alpha components.

  • Accelerated Bug Resolution

    Quickly resolve bugs and implement new enhancements.

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Transform Your Enterprise with OpenTelemetry

Unlock unparalleled observability and streamline your telemetry with observIQ's expert support.

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