Release Notes


observIQ Cloud Log Management Platform

We’ve added a new agent – Mongo. Lot’s of UI changes, making observIQ even easier to set up and navigate. Templates now include default values that will generate valuable insights in most common use cases. We’ve also added dashboard templates for Mac and Windows, and tooltips for quickly solving agent errors… if those errors don’t fix themselves – we also added backend optimizations to automatically fix issues and restart interrupted connections.


  • Agents
    • Added Mongo Agent – great for collecting logs from multiple containers, front, and backend activity


  • Agents
    • UI changes for easier navigation
  • Templates
    • UI changes for easier navigation
  • Sources
    • Added button in sources to jump to Explore or Live Tail with source filter applied


  • Agents
    • Added tooltips for quickly solving agent errors.
    • Automatically installs corresponding sources for Mac and Linux agents
    • General optimizations, including automatic restart process if connection is interrupted
  • Templates
    • Templates are now populated with commonly used default values
  • Sign Up
    • Users guided through setup process immediately after sign up
  • Dashboards
    • Added userful premade dashboards for MacOS and Windows


  • User Permissions
    • Set restrictions on permissions that restricted users can give other users
  • Alerts
    • Fixed issue where slack alerts occasionally did not include k8s metadata