Reduce your
observability costs
by 30% or more.

Reduce Telemetry Costs

Filter, transform, and compress your data.

BindPlane OP Enterprise gives you the power to fully transform your telemetry and dramatically reduce observability cost. Remove duplicate logs or convert logs to metrics and watch your log volume drop in real-time.

Agent Management Simplified

Can your Observability Pipeline manage agents?

The days of many agents are over, with BindPlane OP you can now collect metrics, logs, and traces using a single agent.

And as a complete Observability Pipeline, BindPlane OP includes a best-in-class agent management platform to manage your entire fleet of agents from a single control plane.

Standardize Your Observability

Instrument Once. Send Anywhere.

Easily route all of your metrics, logs, and traces to any destination or vendor, with no risk of lock-in. With native support for Fluentbit and Prometheus, it couldn’t be easier to integrate the BindPlane Observability Pipeline into your existing Observability stack.

Built for Enterprise

Self-hosted and deployed behind your firewall.

With High Availability, RBAC, and SSO support, BindPlane OP is built from the ground up for enterprise deployments. Manage thousands of agents and petabytes of data in a highly available multi-node configuration.

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FeaturesOpen SourceEnterprise
Centralized Management
Instrument Once, Send Anywhere
Data Filtering
Data Enrichment
Aggregator Node
Encryption, Redaction, Obfuscation
Version Control
Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
External Authentication (LDAP)
Active Directory
High Availability
Direct Support 24x7
Secret Management*
Audit Reporting*
Self Host Binaries*
Staged Deployments*

*In development – check with us on the BindPlane OP Slack about feature availability!

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