Introducing BindPlane OP Enterprise Edition

Build a secure, scalable, and cost-effective observability pipeline leveraging open source innovation with enterprise grade support.

BindPlane OP Enterprise is BindPlane OP plus 24/7 enterprise support and a suite of features designed specifically for our enterprise customers.

Why BindPlane OP Enterprise?



Enterprise Support Stability

Create a unified user authentication experience

With Active Directory and LDAP authentication support, you can streamline your user experience and meet compliance requirements.

Agent Management

Remote, end-to-end management for your agents

With intelligent defaults and guided configuration, BindPlane OP Enterprise makes it simple to remotely install, update, manage and monitor your fleet of open source telemetry agents. Deployable anywhere in less than 20 minutes.

Data on Demand

Manage data flow and observability costs
in real-time

Reduce noise and the cost of telemetry data by managing the flow and fidelity of your data with simple, built-in controls and intelligent filtering.

Instrument Once.
Send Anywhere.

Route your telemetry data anywhere, anytime

Easily route all of your metrics, logs, and traces to any destination or vendor, with no risk of lock-in. Reuse and extend the instrumentation you already have in-place.

What’s the difference between BindPlane OP and BindPlane OP Enterprise?



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