Simplified Deployment. Industry-Leading Visibility.

Google Cloud Operations provides industry-leading visibility into hybrid cloud or multi-cloud applications. observIQ seamlessly connects nearly 200 leading edge technologies to Google Cloud that often aren’t supported by off-the-shelf solutions.

Google cloud and observIQ logos

  • The Visibility of Google Cloud Platform for Non-GCP Workloads
  • Simple and Fast Deployment
  • Connects to Nearly 200 Technologies
  • Ideal for Hybrid Cloud or Multi-Cloud
  • Fully Supported
  • Separate Contract Not Required

Logging in Google Cloud Operations

Add observIQ Stanza preconfigured agents to 50+ technologies in minutes, or use our JSON and custom sources to connect to pretty much anything – allowing data to flow directly to Google Cloud Operations.

A graphic illustrating how stanza integrates with google cloud.

Metrics in Google Cloud Operations

observIQ BindPlane provides DevOps and IT professionals industry leading visibility and insight into nearly 200 new technologies and non-GCP workloads.

Bindplane on Google Cloud functionality graphic

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