observIQ is a Proud Contributor to the OpenTelemetry Project.

OpenTelemetry is a collaborative project founded by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to create industry-wide standards that will benefit all cloud service providers and observability users with high-quality, ubiquitous, and scalable telemetry.

Why We Contribute

At observIQ, we believe in the OpenTelemetry community’s mission to streamline observability technology in order to accelerate innovation.

Standardizing the open source telemetry toolkit allows companies like observIQ to focus on the implementation of our technology in the most effective, efficient and intuitive ways to the benefit of our end users.

observIQ’s OpenTelemetry Contributors

Dan Jaglows headshot

Dan Jaglowski

OpenTelemetry Maintainer Principal Software Engineer at observIQ

Dan has been developing telemetry integrations for a decade. Prior to his involvement in the OpenTelemetry project, he designed, implemented, and maintained a proprietary metric data model and collection framework. More recently, he was instrumental in the design and development of observIQ’s log agent, Stanza, which is now part of the OpenTelemetry collector. His current focus is on expanding and maintaining the collector’s capabilities to acquire metrics and logs. He is motivated by the incredible passion and talent of the OpenTelemetry team.

Joe Sirianni Headshot

Joseph Sirianni

OpenTelemetry Member Senior DevOps Engineer at observIQ

Joe grew up in Norton Shores, Michigan, where he discovered a love for tinkering and technology while modifying his original Xbox console. That led to founding his own small business and later joining Blue Medora and observIQ. He is a big believer in open source technology and contributes to as many open source repositories as he can. With OpenTelemetry, he is primarily focussed on creating, refining, and maintaining logging operators. His favorite part about OpenTelemetry is the incredible talent from many large organizations that contribute every day.

Miguel Rodriguez

OpenTelemetry Member Software Engineer at observIQ

Miguel got into tech while learning how to set up linux servers to host online games. His first professional job in tech was for DTE in Michigan, after which he joined observIQ. He loves open source technology and contributes to many open source game projects. He recently joined the OpenTelemetry contributor community and is endlessly impressed by the high quality work put into every component. He focuses primarily on logging and metrics, and he hopes to play a role enabling more complex metric collection as the project grows.

Brandon Johnson Headshot

Brandon Johnson

OpenTelemetry Member Software Engineer at observIQ

Brandon got into tech through an interest in making video games. He began his engineering degree while still in high school in Lakeville, Minnesota, and completed it at Michigan Technological University. He’s contributed to several open source projects and believes it is the fastest way to advance software technology. He was introduced to OpenTelemetry while working with observIQ, and was immediately impressed by the scale of the project. His first contribution was the observIQ exporter, and focuses primarily on optimizing the performance of the logging agent and its many components.

Corbin Phelps Headshot

Corbin Phelps

OpenTelemetry Member Principal Software Engineer

Corbin is from south-east Michigan. He developed an interest in technology through his passion for video games. He started college as a nuclear engineer and added a computer science major after his first programming class. His first ever contribution to open source was for Amazon's Firecracker tool set. He discovered OpenTelemetry while looking for a Rust tracing library before joining observIQ. He is impressed by the project's scale and scope, touching every major monitoring category and still expanding. He has many notable contributions to OpenTelemetry, like his first, the CSV Parser for the log collector, and later the RabbitMQ metric receiver for the collector.

Keith Schmitt

OpenTelemetry Member Software Engineer at observIQ

Keith is from West Branch, Michigan. He was always interested in technology, and began developing his programming skills in a high school coding class, where he created a simple graphic user interface with Java and VisualBasic. He honed his skills at Grand Valley State, where he earned degrees in Computer Science and Chemistry. He worked with some deep learning models in an undergraduate internship, which led to his first open source work with a deep learning project called PyTorch. His first contribution to the OpenTelemetry project was a metrics receiver for MongoDB. He’s very excited about his ongoing contributions, especially a new vCenter metrics receiver.

Sam DeHaan

OpenTelemetry Member Senior Software Engineer at observIQ

Sam is a Michigan native. He and his brother discovered a love for computers together at a young age. He studied programming in college and went on to pursue a career in tech. He holds a deep admiration for the enormous effort of many open source developers, and is excited by the opportunity to give back through the OpenTelemetry project. His first contributions were a series of small changes to the metrics collector, which accumulated over time into dramatic improvements. He loves working with the OpenTelemetry team, and is impressed by the combination of knowledge, strong opinions, and cooperation that consistently yields outstanding results.

Mitchell Armstrong

OpenTelemetry Member Software Engineer at observIQ

Mitch shares a hometown with observIQ - Grand Rapids, Michigan. His first serious hands-on experience with tech was in high school robotics, which inspired him to pursue computer engineering in college. He found observIQ fresh out of school and has worked with them ever since. His first contribution to OpenTelemetry was the ActiveMQ metric receiver. He is most proud of his Riak metric receiver contribution, and is excited to continue contributing and watching OpenTelemetry grow. He is most impressed by the scale of the OpenTelemetry project. It’s inspiring to see so many knowledgeable developers dedicate their work to an open source project that benefits everyone.

Jon Wamsley

OpenTelemetry Member Software Engineer at observIQ

Jon is from Orlando, Florida. His first exciting experience with technology was in undergrad, creating a software to automate the measurement of plant growth based on images. He studied mathematics in school and developed his programming skills while applying his love for math to personal projects. His first contribution to open source was with observIQ; the couchdb receiver for the OpenTelemetry project. Jon is consistently impressed with the OpenTelemetry project, its leadership, and contributors. He’s excited to continue building and be a part of its development.

David Vanlaningham

OpenTelemetry Member Software Engineer at observIQ

David first became interested in solving problems with programming as a math major at Ohio State. Still, it wasn't until he was laid off from a bartender job that he reinvigorated his interest in software development. During his transition back to tech, David became passionate about open source technology. His favorite aspect of OpenTelemetry is its generously collaborative nature. "It's a community where expertise and knowledge are shared and rewarded." David is particularly
interested in OpAMP - OpenTelemetry's agent management protocol. He lives in Columbus, OH with his dog Ajax, where he spends his time reading, playing chess, and playing music.

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