The Problem

When you experience instability or an outage in your environment, you need to be able to quickly investigate and identify the source of the failure. Without the proper context, tracing an incident through your logs can be a slow and arduous process.

The Solution

With observIQ Cloud, your logs are automatically parsed and enriched to provide the context needed to filter, search, visualize events with ease. Your logs can easily be tagged with custom labels as well, allowing you to specify data center, region or environment for complete traceability. With this robust context, you can identify the root cause of the issue quickly.

For example, if a service running on Kubernetes becomes unstable, the related, enriched logs will include useful information such as Deployment, Namespace and Container, allowing you to easily trace an incident back to the failing service and correlate with other cluster-level events.

Similarly, if your SQL Server instance experiences an outage, deep and automatic parsing of Windows Event Log channels can guide you to a specific application and failure code.

Incident Investigation

Why observIQ?

observIQ Cloud enables faster incident investigation so you can reduce MTTR and spend less time debugging and more time coding.

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