Use Cases

stanza and bindplane by observiQ logos

Multi-Cloud Logs and Metrics in Google Cloud Operations

Multiple cloud or hybrid cloud observability in Google Cloud Operations is made possible by two observIQ solutions. First, BindPlane offers a sophisticated metrics collection and log ingestion capabilities powered by the BindPlane’s Universal Agent, for metrics and  Stanza observIQ’s high-performance OSS log agent.BindPlane and Stanza is the preferred choice for GCP users for the following reasons:

  • BindPlane has a user interface where users can deploy configuration remotely and manage the lifecycle of their agents.
  • BindPlane collects metrics from the application and forwards them to the GCP Cloud Monitoring
  • Drastically simplifies setup time with guided configuration
  • Stanza is platform agnostic, with single line installation support for Linux, Windows, Mac OS, AWS, Azure, etc.

Advantages of having a single pane of glass (SPOG) model for GCP applications with BindPlane and Stanza:

  • Plugins: BindPlane has a vast array of turnkey plugins. Visualization is available from real time performance data, from every layer of the application’s stack. Logs, traces, and metrics are easy to navigate through during troubleshooting, keeping the MTTR under the set SLA. 
  • For collaborative teams: Create the visibility everyone in the team requires with a single pane of glass across the board for every team member. Teams can use the metrics from BindPlane’s metrics to create intuitive dashboards to share with the whole team or a select set of users.
  • BindPlane and Stanza are integrated to complement each other functionally to give users the most seamlessly integrative experience possible.

If you would like to learn more about BindPlane, Stanza or any of observIQ’s offerings, please reach out to We would be happy to support you as you evaluate if our solutions are the right fit for your organization and requirements.