The First Observability Pipeline Built for OpenTelemetry

Building the Future of Open Source Telemetry

From observability pipelines to telemetry agents to high fidelity metrics and log integrations, observIQ delivers highly performant, easy to use telemetry solutions to power world-class observability.

Supercharging Observability

We have unparalleled expertise building observability data pipelines for global IT leaders. Our uncompromising approach to performance and ease of use equips you with the most reliable, high fidelity telemetry data at scale.

Full Control of Your Observability Data

Making telemetry open source is accelerating innovation and ecosystem expansion. By expanding open source observability, partners and end users alike have more control, choice, and interoperability.

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Open Source Is The Future of Telemetry

ObservIQ is one of the most active contributors to the fast-growing OpenTelemetry project. Our contributions of logging, metric receivers, and the BindPlaneOP observability pipeline has made OpenTelemetry easier and more useful. As a top contributor, we collaborate with the community to ensure access to a vibrant and growing ecosystem.