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Your Unified
Telemetry Platform

Reduce your observability costs by 40% or more, route your telemetry from any source to any destination, and manage your entire fleet of agents.

Free up to 10GB/Day and 10 Agents
  • Google
  • Banque de France
  • Optum
  • Brightspeed
  • Prosper
  • Loblaw Companies Limited
  • Damart

Introducing BindPlane OP

BindPlane OP is designed to help solve some of the most common problems that enterprises face when it comes to analyzing, reducing, and managing their data.

  • Reduce log and metric volume
  • Route data to the right destination
  • Edit, mask & encrypt sensitive data

A Complete Observability Pipeline

Empowering the modern observability team by transforming and simplifying telemetry operations to improve efficiency and ease-of-use.

  • Reduce

    Trim log volume via filtering, route compliance data to affordable storage, and analyze only high-value logs.

  • Standardize

    Standardize your observability on OpenTelemetry, an open source standard, and avoid vendor lock-in.

  • Enterprise Grade

    Designed for complex environments with high availability, RBAC, SSO, 24/7 support, and enterprise scalability.

    Enterprise Grade
  • Simplify

    With BindPlane, the era of multiple agents ends. Now, gather metrics, logs, and traces using just one agent.

Use cases

Customizable Solutions for Your Needs

Get flexible solutions that fit your environment and give you full control of your observability data.

  1. 1

    Reducing log volumes

    Address overwhelming log data with BindPlane. We efficiently filter unnecessary log data, aiding resource management and enhancing system performance.

    Reducing log volumes
  2. 2

    Redact and mask sensitive data

    Remove or encrypt sensitive data before it leaves your servers, making compliance and security simple.

    Redact and mask sensitive data
  3. 3

    Streamline cloud migration

    Transition to the cloud seamlessly with BindPlane. We make cloud migration smooth and efficient, reducing downtime and ensuring data continuity.

    Streamline cloud migration

Proud Contributor to the OpenTelemetry Project

OpenTelemetry is a collaborative project founded by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to create industry-wide standards that will benefit all cloud service providers and observability users with high-quality, ubiquitous, and scalable telemetry.

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