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BindPlane OP

Getting Started with BindPlane OP and Google Cloud Operations

Ryan Goins
Ryan Goins

BindPlane OP and the BindPlane Agent offer a unified solution for Google customers to ship telemetry from various environments to Google Cloud Operations. This 4-part video series will guide you through setting up and using BindPlane OP effectively.

Part 1: Understanding the BindPlane Architecture

  • Learn the basics of the BindPlane OP Server and how it interacts with the BindPlane Agent.
  • Understand the differences between operating agents at the edge compared to using them as aggregators or gateways.
  • Using Existing Agents like Splunk Universal Forwarders: Find out how to utilize agents like Splunk Universal Forwarders within the BindPlane OP environment.

Part 2: Installing BindPlane OP Server

  • Running the Installation: A step-by-step guide to installing the BindPlane OP server.
  • Initializing the Server: Instructions on how to initialize the server post-installation.

Part 3: Installing Your First BindPlane Agent

  • Learn how to install the BindPlane Agent on a Windows system.
  • Building Your First Configuration: Guidance on setting up your initial configuration for the BindPlane Agent.
  • Rolling It out to the Agent: Instructions on deploying your configuration to the agent.

Part 4: Configuring a Google Cloud Destination

  • Steps to create a service account with the necessary permissions for Google Cloud.
  • Learn how to set up the Google Cloud destination in BindPlane OP.
  • View Data in Google Cloud Logging: Guide to viewing and analyzing your data in Google Cloud Logging.

This series provided everything you need to get started with BindPlane OP and Google Cloud Operations. If you have any questions as you get started, please join our Slack community and reach out, we'd be happy to help!

Ryan Goins
Ryan Goins

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