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observIQ Earns Gartner® Nod for Cutting-Edge Observability Innovation

Michelle Artreche
Michelle Artreche

observIQ provides a unified telemetry platform using open standards and a powerful agent to collect, enrich, and transmit data. Built on an open-source framework, OpenTelemetry, it focuses on log management, metrics, and traces for modern observability at scale.

observIQ Featured in Gartner®'s 2023 Hype Cycle for Monitoring and Observability

observIQ is thrilled to be recognized in Gartner®'s 2023 Hype Cycle for Monitoring and Observability report. This year, observIQ has been positioned as a Sample Vendor in the Distributed Tracing category.

Our inclusion in the Distributed Tracing category highlights our strengths in providing end-to-end visibility into complex microservices environments. observIQ helps Dev and Ops teams quickly identify and solve performance issues across services, infrastructure, and code.

observIQ uses strong tracing capabilities powered by OpenTelemetry, to offer customers a better understanding of transaction flows and system interdependencies. This helps solve issues faster and makes better decisions based on detailed tracing data.

What Our Inclusion Means

This acknowledgment demonstrates our strategic position and advanced work in the observability space. It aligns observIQ with other top players that are shaping the future of monitoring and observability.

We are focused on delivering a powerful and flexible observability platform, and this focus is paying off. While we are honored by this distinction, we won't stop here. We will keep pushing boundaries and finding new ways to meet the changing challenges of monitoring and observability.

Most importantly, we’ll continue our commitment to exceed customer expectations, showing that we aim to provide the best value by solving real-world observability challenges.

Key Observability Industry Trends

The 2023 Hype Cycle report gives important insights into the main trends shaping the observability industry. As organizations speed up their digital transformation journeys, they are understanding the importance of having complete observability across their technology systems.

Several key trends highlighted in the report are directly relevant to observIQ customers looking to optimize monitoring and troubleshooting.

  • Gartner® predicts that AIOps, which stands for artificial intelligence for IT operations, will continue to grow. AIOps is expected to be increasingly used to automate routine tasks and find insights in large amounts of data. This aligns with observIQ's focus on using machine learning to help businesses cut through the noise and identify anomalies.

  • The shift towards unified observability platforms is growing. The report highlights the increasing need for these platforms to bring together insights from metrics, logs, and traces. observIQ achieves this through its flexible, scalable platform designed to collect all types of telemetry data.

  • Cloud-native environments are becoming more complex as organizations shift to using technologies like containers and microservices. To keep track of performance and availability across these dynamic, distributed environments, they need strong observability. observIQ provides visibility into these complex ecosystems.

  • Observability-driven development is becoming more popular among DevOps teams. Instead of adding observability after deployment, teams are now integrating it into the development process. With observIQ, developers can easily add code for logs, metrics, and traces from the beginning.

  • To improve business success, focus on enhancing customer experience. Companies are now prioritizing monitoring customer journeys and touchpoints because digital experiences are crucial. observIQ can track front-end performance and identify issues that harm CX.

observIQ's Innovations in Observability

observIQ was created to help organizations achieve complete observability across their entire environment. Our solution provides advanced capabilities to make this vision a reality for enterprises globally.

Our platform's core is an advanced analytics engine that enables real-time log analysis at incredible speeds and massive scales. We process and analyze log data from any source, uncovering insights and detecting anomalies with embedded machine-learning algorithms. This allows users to observe their systems end-to-end and troubleshoot issues quickly.

We were early pioneers in delivering observability through OpenTelemetry, an open standard for collecting and exporting telemetry data. Our platform is designed to ingest OpenTelemetry data out of the box, providing a unified view across traces, metrics, and logs. This eliminates data silos and enables faster incident response.

How to Get the Report

Want to get a free copy of the 2023 Gartner® Hype Cycle for Monitoring and Observability report? We're making it easy. Simply head here and fill out the short request form.

By having the report, you can:

  • See where observIQ stands among other industry players
  • Understand the latest observability trends identified by Gartner®
  • Gain insights into innovations in monitoring, observability, and more
  • Compare your own observability strategy and planning

So don't wait - claim your copy and see what all the hype is about!

Michelle Artreche
Michelle Artreche

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