observIQ’s Stanza Log Agent Now Part Of OpenTelemetry Project

Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly

Today I’m happy to announce that observIQ’s Stanza Log Agent will become a key part of the OpenTelemetry project. This has been in the works for many months and the team at observIQ is thrilled to see it becoming a reality. We’re particularly pleased to see it happening just as we launch our log management platform which will be the first platform to take full advantage of the log agent technology now incorporated into OpenTelemetry.

Our mission since launching observIQ has been to deliver a simple to use, powerful, and performant log management experience. We found that the biggest source of complexity for the customers we worked with was the ingestion pipeline itself. We’ve changed that with observIQ Cloud and we started with the log agent.

We launched Stanza alongside observIQ. It was a critical component for the log management pipeline and it required starting from scratch to build an agent that was performant, highly configurable, with a focus on flexibility. Stanza is a small footprint, high capability, log shipping agent. It uses roughly 10% of the CPU and memory of other popular log agents. We launched as an open source project and committed to keeping it that way. From the beginning we’ve felt strongly that there was an opportunity to take a big step forward in log agent capabilities, and we wanted everyone to benefit from it, whether using observIQ or another platform.

I’ve also strongly believed in the mission of OpenTelemetry since its start in 2019. Like much of the industry, we recognize the value to observability and monitoring in general that will be realized by a standardized telemetry system used by all of the industry’s best platforms. An end to vendor lock-in is key to unlocking innovation.

OpenTelemetry started with tracing and soon moved to add metrics. Together with the OpenTelemetry team, we saw the opportunity to accelerate the log component with the addition of the Stanza project and we quickly moved to make it a reality.

Today, Stanza is a component of OpenTelemetry. Over the next few months, we’ll be making improvements to more tightly couple Stanza with the OpenTelemetry collector.

You can find more information on Stanza and the OpenTelemetry project here. Or sign up for a free trial of observIQ and see Stanza in action as a native component.

Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly

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