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BindPlane Flight Plan | January '24

Joe Howell
Joe Howell

What’s new in BindPlane

At observIQ, we’re constantly shipping new features to help users get the most out of BindPlane. In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of all the BindPlane news, updates, and improvements you should know about.

Feature Round-up

New UI + Improved Config Editing

BindPlane received a fresh coat of paint, making it much easier to access the information you want when you need it most. The workflow to edit and roll out a new configuration to your agents has also been streamlined.

Advanced Extension Configuration

You can now add OpenTelemetry Extensions like healthcheck and pprof directly to any of your pipelines with just a few clicks. Previously, extensions were automatically handled and applied to configs. Users who require advanced configuration can now add them manually to their OTel configurations.

Summary Page + Data Reduction

The brand-new summary page makes it easier to monitor your fleet of agents and view precisely how much BindPlane is reducing your data. It consolidates and provides a clear view of what's happening in your observability pipeline.

observability pipeline, cost reduction, data reduction
Summary view in BindPlane OP

Featured Resources

BindPlane, Google Cloud, Google Billing, Cost Reduction

Lastly, we wanted to highlight Phil Cook's excellent write-up on how to Explore & Remediate Consumption Costs in Google Billing and BindPlane OP

More to come! For questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at

Joe Howell
Joe Howell

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