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BindPlane OP

Transforming Your Telemetry Has Never Been Easier

Ryan Goins
Ryan Goins

As the foundation of your observability stack, BindPlane OP provides great visibility into your telemetry data, all the way from collection to its final destination.

With the introduction of Live Preview in BPOP Enterprise, and a brand new processor workflow, we’ve now made this even better.

Live Preview

Live Preview shows you changes to your telemetry in real-time as you’re working with your data. Add fields to your logs, mask sensitive data, delete unnecessary attributes and instantly validate those changes had the intended effect.

With Live Preview, you now have the power to test and experiment with your data before rolling out changes to your fleet of agents. Nice.

Updated Processor Workflow

Adding and editing processors has been completely re-imagined, making it easier than ever to make and preview changes to your telemetry.

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’ve added Snapshots to the left side of the workflow, giving you access to your telemetry exactly when you need it most.
  • Snapshots has been enhanced to provide you with a view of data at that specific point in your pipeline. Previously we only showed you a sample of data as it exited the pipeline. This gives you more control and a deeper understanding of your telemetry.
  • For BPOP Enterprise customers, Live Preview is now on the right side of the workflow giving you instant feedback as you work with the processors in your pipeline.

Here’s a quick demo of these great new features in action!

For questions, requests, and suggestions, reach out to us or join our community slack channel.

Ryan Goins
Ryan Goins

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