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Paul Stefanski
Paul Stefanski

You may have noticed a few changes around here. If you explore our new website, you’ll see new products, expansions to our open-source libraries, significant contributions to our favorite open-source project, OpenTelemetry, and new integrations with Google Cloud. You might think we’re taking “new year, new me” a little too seriously, but we’ve been planning some of these changes for a long time. It all stems from our firm belief in open-source technology. Open source projects allow the brightest minds across an industry to collaborate in ways that improve the entire industry while leaving competition to the unique applications of that technology. When done right, it’s a win-win for everyone – especially users.

We are in a fortunate position to be able to share observIQ’s technology freely. This means making as much openly available to the world as possible, contributing everything relevant to OpenTelemetry, and offering as much support as possible. Of course, our cloud platform is still available with all of our latest tech fully integrated, and we are now integrated with Google Cloud. Read on for deeper details on what we’re up to.

Stanza is a fully equipped, powerful, and efficient logging agent. It’s the same logging agent from our cloud platform and the OpenTelemetry project. We’ve made it fully available on Github, so you can use it however you want, for free. You can check out the Stanza page for information and resources on Stanza’s capabilities, use cases, comparisons to other agents, and how to install it on your infrastructure. Let us know about your use cases and any ideas for expanding the agent.

Bindplane was developed by obervIQ under our old moniker, Blue Medora. Bindplane is a state-of-the-art metrics technology with over 150 easy integrations. You can access Bindplane through Google Cloud Platform or as a standalone metrics service. Visit our Bindplane page to learn more.

It’s no secret that we love OpenTelemetry. For us, contributing to OpenTelemetry is about more than just advancing observability technology. It’s about committing to a philosophy that the best innovations come from open collaboration. The monitoring needs of the world are intense and growing daily. OpenTelemetry is the project that allows monitoring industry leaders to collaborate on advancing the technology while still competing in how that technology is delivered to users. In the past few months, we’ve expanded our commitment and contributions to OpenTelemetry, and we’re inspired by everyone doing the same. It is an open-source project unlike any other.

You can use OpenTelemetry today by visiting the OTEL Github. You can learn more about OpenTelemetry on their website or in docs, and our contributions and contributors on our OpenTelemetry page.

observIQ’s Cloud Platform is a full-service log management solution that utilizes the full power of our cloud monitoring technology. It’s more powerful, versatile, accessible to install, and affordable than competing log management platforms. You can try it for free, and it’s always free, with under 3GB of data per day. Visit our Cloud Platform page to learn more.


If you like our technology, vision, and open-source approach, join our team! With significant changes come big job openings! We’re filling technical and non-technical roles. You can check out openings on our careers page and apply by clicking the link to any exciting opening.
We look forward to bringing you on board!

More To Come

observIQ is just getting started. There is more to come. Check our blog for updates, news, guides, and opinions on the latest in observability. We’re releasing new integrations, optimizations, and updates every week. So long, and stay observant.

Paul Stefanski
Paul Stefanski

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