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BindPlane OP

Five Things to Know About Google Cloud Operations Suite and BindPlane

Craig Lee
Craig Lee

Google Cloud Operations is a robust integrated monitoring, logging, and trace-managed service for applications and systems running on Google Cloud and beyond.

As part of our partnership with Google, we help extend Cloud Operations with BindPlane OP and OpenTelemetry monitoring for a complete monitoring solution. With BindPlane OP, Google Cloud Operations becomes a single pane of glass for monitoring all aspects of your data center, whether it’s on prem or running in the cloud.

Did you know with BindPlane OP and Google Cloud Operations, you can now:

  • Gather Metrics, Logs, and Traces from any data center
    • observIQ, Distribution for OpenTelemetry and BindPlane can gather telemetry data from any data center or cloud. These observability signals are sent directly to Google Cloud Operations’ APIs, allowing Cloud Operations to be the single monitoring platform for your entire environment.
  • Metadata adds business context to Telemetry in Google Cloud Operations
    • Customers often add metadata to sort logs by Function, Application, Location, Cost Center, etc. This makes it possible to trace the significance of the business to the signals collected.

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BindPlane Configuration makes adding metadata easy to any Telemetry pipeline

  • Metadata is quick and easy to add to a telemetry pipeline in BindPlane OP. In this example, we are using a Log Record Attribute. This can also be used to enhance metrics and traces.
  • observIQ’s Products for Google Cloud Operations have an integrated support stream
    • They are supported via a mutual support motion with Google and observIQ, where customers can initiate support requests with Google. observIQ will then be alerted to any issues with our products and work mutually with Google to resolve them.
  • Monitor GCVE (Google Cloud VMware Engine) environments
    • Monitoring GCVE is an everyday use case where the observIQ distro for OpenTelemetry can run on the Workload VMs. We can also monitor vSphere metrics and logs for complete coverage of your GCVE environment.

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We are constantly working to improve the customer experience, so stay tuned. To learn more, visit

Craig Lee
Craig Lee

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