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observIQ Expands Partnership with Google Cloud to Support OpenTelemetry

observIQ Media
observIQ Media

observIQ provides unified view into workloads on Google Compute Engine and on premise

Grand Rapids, MI (May 18, 2022) – Open source telemetry innovator observIQ has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud and Google Cloud’s Operations Suite, to improve telemetry for managing all business-critical applications and environments. The partnership will increase visibility into workloads running on Google Compute Engine.

Google Cloud customers can now use OpenTelemetry logs and metrics collection with support from Google Cloud and observIQ to unify observability data from Google Cloud, on-premise data centers, and other cloud environments. OpenTelemetry is a collection of open-source telemetry tools, APIs, and SDKs. observIQ is a major contributor, developing high-performance log and metric collection technology that can be easily configured and scaled to fit customers' monitoring needs.

Many Google Cloud customers are already using OpenTelemetry to achieve significant cost savings to replace legacy telemetry and observability technologies. observIQ will integrate over 100 OpenTelemetry receivers into Google Ops Agent making it possible to collect logs and metrics for all of the major technologies customers wish to observe. Google Ops Agent is the primary agent for collecting telemetry from Compute Engine instances, while OpenTelemetry provides support for many other platforms. observIQ will also integrate other analysis layer components, such as dashboards and alerts, to provide customers with a true out-of-the-box observability experience.

Google Cloud Operations (GCO) Suite is an integrated monitoring, logging, and trace-managed service in Google Cloud that businesses rely on to monitor their applications and systems. Google Cloud is expanding GCO to provide a greater level of insight into business-critical applications and environments. Currently, DevOps and ITOps teams must use legacy tools and approaches to achieve visibility into workloads.

The expanded collaboration positions both companies at the forefront of a shift towards open source in the observability industry and reflects the growth of hybrid and multi-cloud environments and the resulting complexity in monitoring performance across them.

Quote from Manvinder Singh, Director, IaaS/PaaS Partnerships, Google Cloud

“As organizations build out their multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments, the need for solutions that help streamline telemetry collection for any cloud environment continues to rise. With OpenTelemetry available on Google Cloud alongside observIQ capabilities, customers will be able to easily unify their observability data across cloud environments.”

Quote from Mike Kelly, CEO of observIQ

“The open source community and OpenTelemetry capture the very best innovation, and expanding our work with the Google Cloud team is a great way to put it into the hands of even more DevOps and ITOps teams quickly. We have a shared vision of telemetry's future and look forward to continuing this collaboration.”


About ObservIQ

At observIQ, we develop fast, powerful, and intuitive next-generation observability technologies for DevOps and ITOps – built by engineers for engineers. Learn more at


P: +1 650 996 0778

observIQ Media
observIQ Media

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