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Quickstart Guide

How to get up and running with BindPlane OP

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What is BindPlane OP?

BindPlane Observability Pipeline gives you the ability to collect, refine, and ship metrics, logs, and traces to any destination. BindPlane OP provides the controls you need to reduce observability costs and simplify the deployment and management of telemetry agents at scale.

To get started with BindPlane, see our Getting Started guide for a quick and easy deployment. If you need more advanced deployment configurations such as Kubernetes, TLS or if you will be using a proxy, check out the advanced installation page.

BindPlane Architecture Diagram


  • Manage the lifecycle of telemetry agents, starting with the BindPlane Agent, a distribution of OpenTelemetry.
  • Build, deploy, and manage telemetry configurations for different Sources and deploy them to your agents
  • Ship metric, log, and trace data to one or many Destinations
  • Utilize flow controls to adjust the flow of your data in real-time


BindPlane OP Architecture Diagram

BindPlane OP is a lightweight web server (no dependencies) that you can deploy anywhere in your environment. It's composed of the following components:

  • GraphQL Server: provides configuration and agent details via GraphQL
  • REST Server: BindPlane CLI and UI make requests to the server via REST
  • WebSocket Server: Agents connect to receive configuration updates via OpAMP
  • Store: pluggable storage manages configuration and Agent state
  • Manager: dispatches configuration changes to Agents