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HTTP Check

Supported Platforms

Bindplane Agent: v1.40.0+



HostnameSpecifies the hostname or IP address of the endpoint you want to check.
HTTP PortSpecifies what port to listen on.
PathSpecifies a path on the URL to perform the check on.
MethodOption to configure the HTTP request method to use on the check.
HeadersOption to configure the HTTP request headers to be used on the check.
Enable TLSOption to configure the receiver's HTTP server to use TLS.
Mutual TLSOption to enable TLS mutual authentication.
Skip TlS Certificate VerifcationOption to skip TLS certificate verification.
Mutual TLSOption to enable TLS mutual authentication.
TLS Certificate Authority FileLocal path to the TLS certificate authority file.
TLS Client Certificate FileLocal path to the TLS cert file.
TLS Client Private Key FileLocal path to the TLS key file.
Initial DelaySpecifies how long the source should wait (seconds) before conducting the check.
Collection IntervalSpecifies how often (seconds) to scrape for metrics.

Example Configuration

Basic Configuration

For basic configuration, only the hostname and port parameters are needed.

Web Interface

observIQ docs - HTTP Check Source - image 1

Standalone Source

2kind: Source
4  id: http
5  name: http
7  type: http
8  parameters:
9    - name: hostname
10      value: 'localhost'
11    - name: port
12      value: '8080'
13    - name: path
14      value: 'metrics'
15    - name: method
16      value: 'GET'
17    - name: enable_tls
18      value: 'false'
19    - name: initial_delay
20      value: '1'
21    - name: collection_interval
22      value: '60'