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Migrate Agents

Reconfigure managed agents to connect to a new BindPlane OP server or account


You have migrated resources from one BindPlane OP installation to another. All managed agents need to be updated in order to connect to the new BindPlane OP server or account.


The following requirements must be met:

  • SSH (Linux) or Remote Desktop (Windows) access to the managed agents
  • Sudo or root access (Linux) or Administrator permissions (Windows)


  1. Update Manager Configuration
  2. Restart Agent
  3. Validate

Update Manager Configuration

Edit the manager configuration with your editor of choice. On Linux, the path is /opt/observiq-otel-collector/manager.yaml and on Windows it is C:/Program Files/observIQ OpenTelemetry Collector/manager.yaml.

The configuration will look similar to this:

1endpoint: 'ws://'
2secret_key: '470b8fe1-8703-45f7-a76a-c15ec3ab8c48'
3agent_id: '01H6V7NTXZWZE9VMP6WT4Q8FXQ'
4labels: 'configuration=endpoint'

Modify the endpoint value to reflect the new IP address or hostname of the BindPlane OP server. Be sure to keep the protocol (ws / wss) and path (/v1/opamp) the same. If migrating between accounts on the same BindPlane OP server, nothing needs to be changed here.

Modify the secret_keyto match the secret key of the new BindPlane OP server or account. You can find your secret key on the agent install page by selecting "Install Agent".

Once the manager configuration is updated, save the file and close your editor.

Restart Agent

Restart the agent after modifying the manager configuration.

On Linux:

1sudo systemctl restart observiq-otel-collector

On Windows, use the "services" app or the following command:

1net stop "observIQ Distro for OpenTelemetry Collector"
2net start "observIQ Distro for OpenTelemetry Collector"


Once the agent(s) are restarted, log into the BindPlane OP server's web interface. The agents will now be connected to the new server or account.