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Supported Types


Configuration Table

telemetry_types*strings['Logs', 'Metrics', 'Traces']The kind of telemetry that will be sent to the Exporter. Can be any combination of Logs, Metrics, and Traces.
logs_token*stringYour account token for your logs account
metrics_token*stringYour account token for your metrics account
enable_write_ahead_logboolfalseEnables write-ahead logging for exporting metrics.
wal_storage_pathstring$OIQ_OTEL_COLLECTOR_HOME/storage/logzio_metrics_walPath of the directory the WAL is stored in. Must be unique to this destination.
wal_buffer_sizeint300Number of objects to store in Write Ahead Log before truncating.
wal_truncate_frequencyint60Sets how often, in seconds, the Write Ahead Log should be truncated.
listener_url*string The URL of the listener in your region
tracing_tokenstringYour account token for your tracing account
region*enum"us"Your account region code. Valid options are: us, eu, uk, nl, wa, ca, au
timeoutint30Time to wait per individual attempt to send data to a backend
*required field

Supported Retry and Queuing Settings

This destination supports the following retry and queuing settings:

Sending QueuePersistent QueueRetry on Failure

* This destination only supports sending queues and persistent queues for traces and logs. To queue metrics to disk, enable the Write Ahead Log (WAL) for metrics.

Example Configuration

Basic Configuration

Web Interface

observIQ docs - Jaeger OTLP Destination - image 1

Standalone Destination

2kind: Destination
4    name: logz
6    type: logzio
7    parameters:
8        - name: telemetry_types
9          value:
10            - Logs
11            - Traces
12            - Metrics
13        - name: region
14          value: au
15        - name: timeout
16          value: 300
17        - name: logs_token
18          value: mytoken
19        - name: metrics_token
20          value: mymetricstoken
21        - name: listener_url
22          value:
23        - name: tracing_token
24          value: mytracingtoken
25        - name: compression
26          value: gzip