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Supported Platforms


Configuration Table

file_pathstringsFile or directory paths to tail for logs.
exclude_file_log_pathstringsFile or directory paths to exclude.
delimiterenumtabDelimiter character used between the fields of the W3C log line. Valid values include: tab, space.
encodingenumutf-8The encoding of the file being read. Valid values include: nop, utf-8, utf-16le, utf-16be, ascii, big5.
header_delimiterenumdefaultDelimiter character used between fields in the W3C Field header. The value of the "Delimiter" parameter is used by default. Valid values include: tab, space, default.
include_file_name_attributebooltrueWhether to add the file name as the attribute "".
include_file_path_attributeboolfalseWhether to add the file path as the attribute "log.file.path".
include_file_name_resolved_attributeboolfalseWhether to add the file name after symlinks resolution as the attribute "log.file.name_resolved".
include_file_path_resolved_attributeboolfalseWhether to add the file path after symlinks resolution as the attribute "log.file.path_resolved".