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Event Bus

BindPlane uses an event bus to communicate between components within BindPlane. When operating BindPlane in high availability mode, the event bus can be used to send events between BindPlane servers.

When operating in high availability, the following event bus options are available:

Google Pub/Sub

Google Cloud Pub/Sub is an excellent event bus choice for users with access to Google Cloud. Setup is simple, and the maintenance overhead of Pub/Sub is very low.

2  type: googlePubSub
3  googlePubSub:
4    projectID: myproject
5    credentialsFile: operation-service-account-credentials.json
6    topic: bindplane

For a list of supported options, see the Google Pub/Sub section in the configuration documentation.




Prometheus version 3.5.0 or newer.


Apache Kafka is an alternative to Google Pub/Sub. It is a great choice for users who cannot use Google Pub/Sub, or for users who are familiar with Kafka. The overhead of maintaining Kafka is higher than Google Pub/Sub due to the nature of managing the infrastructure.

Kafka can be configured by setting eventBus.type to kafka.

2  type: kafka
3  kafka:
4    brokers:
5      -
6      -
7      -
8    protocolVersion: '3.5.0'
9    topic: bindplane

For a list of supported options, see the Kafka section in the configuration documentation.