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This Observe destination can be used to send metrics, logs, and traces to an Observe account.

Supported Types

LogsMetricsTracesBindplane Agent


By default, The Observe platform will not display metrics and logs. You can enable metrics and logs by selecting "Applications" and choosing "Manage" on the OpenTelemetry application. The manage page will let you toggle support for metrics and logs.


Customer IDA 12-digit number that identifies your account and is displayed in the URL you use to log into Observe. You can learn more here.
TokenA token with write-access to a Datastream in your Observe account. You can learn more here.


The Observe platform relies on the "Timestamp" field for indexing logs. You can use the Parse Timestamp processor to parse your application's timestamps if they are not already parsed by your configured sources. Most BindPlane sources will handle timestamps correctly without additional configuration.

This destination supports the following retry and queuing settings:

Sending QueuePersistent QueueRetry on Failure

Example Configuration

This example configuration will forward metrics, traces, and logs to the account 165866210346 using the token we created in the Observe web interface.

Web Interface

observIQ docs - Observe Destination - image 1
observIQ docs - Observe Destination - image 2

Standalone Destination

2kind: Destination
4  name: Observe
6  type: observeinc
7  parameters:
8    - name: customer_id
9      value: '165866210346'
10    - name: token
11      value: (sensitive)
12      sensitive: true
13    - name: retry_on_failure_enabled
14      value: true
15    - name: retry_on_failure_initial_interval
16      value: 5
17    - name: retry_on_failure_max_interval
18      value: 30
19    - name: retry_on_failure_max_elapsed_time
20      value: 300
21    - name: sending_queue_enabled
22      value: true
23    - name: sending_queue_num_consumers
24      value: 10
25    - name: sending_queue_queue_size
26      value: 5000
27    - name: persistent_queue_enabled
28      value: true
29    - name: persistent_queue_directory
30      value: $OIQ_OTEL_COLLECTOR_HOME/storage