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Grafana Cloud


This Grafana Cloud destination can be used to send metrics, logs, and traces to a Grafana Cloud instance.

Supported Types

LogsMetricsTracesBindPlane Agent


In order for the BindPlane Agent to send data to Grafana Cloud, it needs to be configured with a valid Access Policy token, OTLP endpoint, and Grafana Cloud instance ID.

Access Policy Token

An Access Policy needs to be created with the correct permissions, which can be done in the Cloud Portal. Navigate to "Access Policies" underneath the "Security" section and choose "Create Access Policy".

Name the new policy something descriptive and choose the "Realm" that best fits your use case. Under "Scopes" select the "Write" permission for the kind(s) of telemetry being exported to Grafana Cloud.

On the card of the newly created Access Policy, select "Add Token". Give this token a descriptive name and select the expiration date that best fits. Note that the BindPlane Agent will need to be reconfigured with a new Access Policy token when the current one expires. The token value that appears next is what is needed for configuration.

For more information, see this Grafana Cloud documentation.

OTLP Endpoint and Instance ID

These two values can be found in the same place. On the home page of your instance's Cloud Portal there should be an "OpenTelemetry" card. Click the "Configure" button and on the next page you can find the OTLP Endpoint and Instance ID for your Grafana Cloud instance. Copy these values and use them for configuring this destination.

For more information, see this Grafana Cloud documentation.


Choose Telemetry TypeSelect which types of telemetry to export to Grafana Cloud.
OTLP EndpointThe URL to send OTLP data to. Can be found in the Cloud Portal under the OpenTelemetry card.
Grafana Cloud Instance IDThe ID for your Grafana Cloud instance. Can be found in the Cloud Portal under the OpenTelemetry card.
Cloud Access Policy TokenA token created for an Access Policy in Grafana Cloud. The Access Policy needs write permission for the telemetry being sent.
CompressionCompression algorithm to use when sending data to Grafana Cloud.

Supported Retry and Queuing Settings

This destination supports the following retry and queuing settings:

Sending QueuePersistent QueueRetry on Failure

Example Configuration

This example configuration is sending just metrics to Grafana Cloud. The endpoint, instance ID, and token are configured for our Grafana Cloud instance. Also compression is enabled with gzip and retry on failure, sending queue, and the persistent queue and enabled with default values.

Web Interface

observIQ docs - Grafana Cloud

Standalone Destination

2kind: Destination
4  id: grafana_cloud
5  name: grafana_cloud
7  type: grafana_cloud
8  parameters:
9    - name: telemetry_types
10      value: ['Logs', 'Metrics', 'Traces']
11    - name: endpoint
12      value: ''
13    - name: instance_id
14      value: '123456'
15    - name: token
16      value: 'some_access_policy_token'
17    - name: compression
18      value: gzip
19    - name: retry_on_failure_enabled
20      value: true
21    - name: sending_queue_enabled
22      value: true
23    - name: persistent_queue_enabled
24      value: true