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BindPlane OP Server

Deploy BindPlane OP Server to Kubernetes

BindPlane OP is fully supported on Kubernetes.



BindPlane OP is deployed with Helm. Make sure you have Helm installed on your workstation.

The BindPlane OP Helm Chart source can be found here.

Supported Distributions

The following Kubernetes distributions are officially supported:

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • OpenShift 4.x

Self-managed Kubernetes clusters are supported. See the System Requirements section for details.


BindPlane OP supports two architectures for Kubernetes. Single instance (StatefulSet) and high availability (Deployment).

The StatefulSet supports running BindPlane as a single pod without dependencies. It does not require a dedicated database or event bus. The StatefulSet is suitable for simple environments where BindPlane can be scaled vertically and 100% uptime is not a requirement.

The Deployment supports running BindPlane with multiple pods. Providing resiliency and load balancing among the BindPlane instances. When using the Deployment architecture, a dedicated database and event bus are required. The Deployment is suitable for environments where horizontal scaling and uptime are requirements.


Once BindPlane OP Server is deployed, it can be reached by the remote URL endpoint. By default, the remote URL is set to the service endpoint.


This remote URL is suitable for deploying agents within the cluster. If you would like to reach BindPlane from outside of the cluster, see the Next Steps section.

When not exposing BindPlane with ingress, you can use port forwarding to connect to the web interface.

1kubectl \
2    -n bindplane \
3    port-forward service/bindplane 3001:3001

Navigate to http://localhost:3001 on your workstation.

Next Steps

Agent Installation

With BindPlane deployed, you can move on to installing agents to your cluster. See the Kubernetes Agent Installation documentation for details.


If you would like to reach BindPlane from outside of the cluster (web interface, agent connections, etc), follow the BindPlane Server Ingress documentation.