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Load Balancer

A load balancer is required when operating BindPlane OP in high availability mode. Incoming agent and client requests will be distributed among all BindPlane servers.


The following requirements must be met by your load balancer choice:

  • Support WebSocket connections
  • Support TCP or HTTP load balancing
  • Support TCP or HTTP health checks


It is up to the user to deploy and manage the load balancer. If operating in a cloud environment, it is recommended that you use one of the following services.

If running on-premise, we recommend:


The load balancer should be configured to balance requests between all of your BindPlane servers on port 3001. If your load balancer supports sticky connections, enable it. If not, round-robin load balancing is supported.

Configure the health checks to target /health on port 3001. When BindPlane is healthy, it will return a status 200 OK.