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Live Preview

Utilize Live Preview in BindPlane OP

Live Preview

Live Preview provides a real-time preview of changes you make to your telemetry, giving you the power to validate the impact before rolling out the change to your agents.


From a configuration page, simply click on any processor node in your pipeline. You'll then be presented with a full-screen editing experience. Use Snapshots on the left to inspect your data, add processors to transform it, and view the results in real-time with Live Preview on the right. This becomes an excellent sandbox to experiment with changes before you commit them to your production agents.


This shows Live Preview with a Severity Filter processor applied.


While Live Preview works with most processors, you will not see a preview when you configure the following processors:

  • Batch
  • Count Telemetry
  • Deduplicate Logs
  • Extract Metric
  • Compute Metric Statistics
  • Resource Detection