Monitor the Bindplane Infrastructure

Monitoring Bindplane OP and Bindplane Agents provides visibility into the health of your Observability Pipeline. We will walk through a few steps to easily set up sources that will forward the Bindplane OP server logs and the Bindplane Agent logs to the destination of your choice.

Bindplane OP Monitoring

  1. The first step is to deploy an agent on the Bindplane OP server itself. This will deploy like any agent, please follow the Quickstart Guide if you have any questions.

  2. Create a separate configuration for the Bindplane OP server as well.

  3. When an agent is running on the Bindplane OP server and it is added to a configuration, we will select a source like in the image below:

observIQ docs - Adding a BPOP source - image 1

We can leave the settings default for this example:

observIQ docs - Adding a BPOP source - image 2
  1. After we hit the 'Save' button we can click the 'Start Rollout' to push the configuration to the agent. All of your Bindplane OP logs will flow into the destination that you have configured. Next, we can set up agent monitoring.