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Azure Blob Rehydration


Ensure you have access to an Azure Blob Storage account. Set up your Azure Blob Storage to store OTLP data in the required format for rehydration. More information on how to set this up can be found in the Azure documentation here.

Blob Format

Rehydrated data must be in OTLP format for correct processing. Ensure your data adheres to this format.

Supported Platforms


Configuration Fields

Connection StringThe connection string for the Azure Blob Storage account.
ContainerName of the Azure Storage container from which to rehydrate data.
Poll IntervalThe interval for checking new blobs, e.g., '1m' for one minute.
Starting TimeUTC start time for rehydration.
Ending TimeUTC end time for rehydration.
Delete on ReadIf true, blobs are deleted after rehydration.
Enable StorageEnable to specify a storage extension for tracking rehydration progress.
Storage DirectoryDirectory for storing rehydration state, useful for maintaining state and resuming operations. (Only relevant if Enable Storage is true)

Example Configuration

Basic Configuration

This configuration sets up Azure Blob Rehydration with necessary details such as connection string, container, and time range for rehydration.

observIQ docs - Azure Blob Rehydration

Adjust the Connection String, Container, Starting Time, and Ending Time to match your configuration.