Prometheus is required when operating BindPlane in high availability.

BindPlane stores time series metrics in Prometheus. These time series metrics allow BindPlane to track agent throughput measurements over time. When viewing the summary page or a specific configuration, the measurement data being displayed is the work of the measurement database.

When operating BindPlane in single instance mode, a bundled version of Prometheus will be used. The user does not need to install or configure Prometheus.



Prometheus can be scaled vertically based on the number of managed agents. The volume of time series metrics being pushed to Prometheus will scale linearly with the number of agents.

Agent CountCPUMemory


Prometheus should be installed on a dedicated system. The installation will be accessed by each BindPlane server in your environment.

Follow the installation documentation for instructions for deploying a shared Prometheus instance.


BindPlane will use a bundled version of Prometheus by default. The configuration must be updated to use a remote Prometheus instance. See the configuration configuration documentation for instructions on configuring your BindPlane servers to use the shared Prometheus instance.